5.5 cm high (without stopper)

The pebble-form bottle is well hollowed and carved in relief with peanuts rendered from the caramel-brown areas in the stone. Two blossoms, also picked out in caramel-brown, form the foot. The translucent stone is of rich amber colour and incised around the exterior with fine vertical lines. The carnelian stopper is shaped as a stalk.

Snuff bottles of this type are shaped after a particular fruit, jujube. The combination of peanuts huasheng, and jujube zaozi, represent the wish 'may you soon give birth to a distinguished son' zaosheng guizi.


A very similar bottle from the collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing, is illustrated in Snuff Bottles - The Complete Collection of the Palace Museum, Hong Kong, 2003, pl.255. Another example is published by B. Stevens, in The Collector's Book of Snuff Bottles, New York, 1976, pl.479.


Formerly in the collection of Gerda Reys, The Netherlands

acquired in the 1980s

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