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12.1 cm wide

The basin is formed as a peach supported on a leafy branch. The stem is held by a male figure who is holding a smaller peach in his left hand. The figure is wearing loose trousers and his hair is tied in a knot. The bronze has acquired a rich dark-brown patina. 


This bronze water vessel is a typical object for on the scholar's desk. It could have been used as a brush washer, while the pointy peach shape also allowed for pouring - the figure acting as a handle. 


Another bronze vessel in the shape of a boy and basin is illustrated in Tsang and Moss, Arts from the Scholar's Studio, pl.147, pp.170-171. A related amber example in the collection of the Nanjing Municipal Museum is illustrated in Li and Knight, Power and Glory - Court Arts of China's Ming Dynasty, pl.18, p.51.