22.6 cm high

The vase stands on a splayed base with a channelled foot rising to a rounded mid-section above two recessed borders. A raised band separates the mid-section from the widely spreading neck with flaring mouth rim. The exterior and inside of the mouth are covered with a rich and thick creamy white glaze. The recessed base is unglazed except for a neatly wiped circle of glaze in the center. the lower part of the interior is left unglazed.

The present vase is heavily potted and applied with a warm creamy glaze, indicating a 17th-century date of manufacture. The shape is inspired from ancient ritual bronze wine vessels, Gu. While some ancient bronze-inspired pieces from Dehua are decorated with Archaic motifs, the present vase is simple and gracious, its elegant shape accentuated by the recessed and raised borders and the channelled foot. 



A private American collection