KANGXI PERIOD (1662-1722)

26 cm wide

The hollow tile is of rectangular section and painted in green, yellow, aubergine and blue enamel, iron-red and gold, on one side with a group of six soldiers, one on horseback, standing in front of an establishment, while four figures are watching from behind a wall and from a circular window. The scene is framed by a decorative border interrupted by flowerheads. The reverse side is naturalistically painted in the same color scheme with three large peonies growing from behind a taihu rock, below hovering insects, framed by a double-line border.

The main scene on the present tile most probably refers to the episode of the novel ‘The Romance of the Western Chamber’, Xixiangji, where the leader of the rebellious army, Sun Biao, arrives at the monastery with his soldiers. Similar tiles are in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

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