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7 cm wide

The solid weight is cast in the form of a recumbent lion with curling mane and bushy tail. The animal is depicted 

with its turned head resting on its front legs. The face is rendered ferocious with heavy eyebrows, large snout and sharp grinning teeth. The facial features, mane and fur are very well defined. The surface has acquired a smooth touch and a warm tone.

Bronze animals of this type were traditionally placed on a scholar's desk where they either had a function as a paperweight, or as a plaything for the scholar's pastime. Animals of this type and size were also made from nephrite jade. 


Formerly in the collection of David Ketel

David Ketel (1913-2006) was stationed in Beijing as a Dutch Negotiation Representative during the 1950s and diplomat during the 1960s. Apart from collecting Chinese art, he also became a skilled artist in Chinese painting.

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