4.8 cm high (without stopper)

The bottle is of rounded form, slightly tapering towards the foot, rising to a cylindrical neck and supported on a raised foot rim. The black layer is suffused with gold flecks and trapped between two layers of colourless glass. The coral stopper with integral finial is mounted with a gilt metal collar.

The technique of blowing a coloured layer of glass in between two colourless layers is known as 'sandwiched' glass. The small gold flecks on the black layer of the present bottle possibly imitates the mineral aventurine. It is unusual for bottles of this type to have a raised foot rim.


Formerly in the collection of Bob C. Stevens

Formerly in the collection of Pamela R. Lessing Friedman

Acquired from Robert Hall

Formerly in the Morpurgo Collection


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Robert Hall, Chinese Snuff Bottles XI - The Snowy Peaks Collection, A Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles formed by Pamela R. Lessing Friedman, Hong Kong, 2005, pl. 2.