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13.5 cm diameter

The chrysanthemum-shaped dish stands on a slightly tapering foot and rises to gently rounded sides and flaring lobed rim. The interior is finely incised with a central green dragon, its body encircling a flaming pearl, below two further dragons each chasing a flaming pearl, all amidst flower sprays and against an egg yolk-yellow ground. The exterior is decorated with two repeated green dragons against yellow. The lobed rim is highlighted in black enamel with a double line border on both sides. A further black enamel border encircles the central medallion and the foot of the dish. The white base is inscribed in underglaze blue with a six-character Daoguang seal mark.

The present dish is made directly after the Qianlong prototype, with dragons on both sides rendered in a very similar style and with fine detail. A number of dishes from the Daoguang period have detached flower sprays on the exterior instead of the dragons, as can be seen on a Daoguang example illustrated in Gunhild Avitabile, From the Dragon's Treasure - Chinese Porcelain from the Weishoupt Collection, London, 1987, pl.44. A pair of dishes from the Qianlong period are illustrated in the Catalogue of Ch'ing Porcelain from the Wah Kwong Collection, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1973, no.41.


A Dutch private collection, acquired in the 1980s

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