KANGXI PERIOD (1662-1722)

14.7 cm high, 12.3 cm diameter

The brush pot is of slightly waisted cylindrical form, the exterior intricately carved with a scrolling peony design under a translucent celadon-green glaze. The interior is glazed white. The slightly concave base is glazed white except for a wide band encircling the small recessed center.


Porcelain brush pots of this form were developed during the 17th century for the scholar's table to contain brushes and other attributes. It is believed that the partially glazed concave base was a Kangxi period innovation to protect the hardwood surface on which the brush pot would be placed. It is unusual to find a carved celadon brush pot of this particular size. 





Formerly in a private collection, Liège

Formerly in the collection of Robert de Strycker

Acquired from Van der Straeten, Brussels, on 31 December 1941