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SONG - YUAN DYNASTY (1127-1368)

8.5 cm high

The globular ewer is of lobed section, mounted with a curved spout and ear-shaped handle. The small domed cover has an aperture in the center of the top. The evenly crackled glaze stops over halfway the tapered foot, showing the stoneware body. The color is of pale bluish green tone. The recessed base is covered with glaze.

The present ewer is of highly unusual form compared to a group of much more compressed melon-shaped ewers like several examples illustrated in Wiesner, Chinesische Keramik auf den Philippinen, Cologne, 1977, pls. 40-43. It is rare to find such ewers with their original cover.


Formerly in the collection of Eric E. Geiling


Ulrich Wiesner, Chinesische Keramik auf den Philippinen, Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst, Cologne, 1977, pl. 47