5.3 cm high

The vessel is of compressed globular form supported on a short foot. The slightly domed cover is moulded with a single flowerhead. Both jar and cover are covered with an unctuous sea-green glaze of bluish tone. The flat base is unglazed and fired to an orange-brown colour.


It is rare to find jars of the present type with such a fine glaze and with their original cover. A very similar jarlet, the cover moulded with lotus blossoms, was published by J.J. Lally in Chinese Ceramics A.D. 400-1400: Selections from an American Collection, New York, 2007, pl.18. A further example with a peony spray on the cover is illustrated in Gyllensvärd, Chinese Ceramics in the Carl Kempe Collection, Stockholm, 1964, pl.103. Jars of inferior quality were exported to South East Asia in large numbers, like several examples illustrated in Wiesner, Chinesische Keramik auf den Philippinen, Cologne, 1977, pp.92-111. 


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