Jade kraanvogel 01 copy.jpg


MING DYNASTY (1368-1644)

8.3 cm wide, 5.7 cm high

The crane is naturalistically carved and depicted seated with its head turned back and its legs tucked under its body. The bird grasps a fruiting branch of peach in its beak. The crane's wings and tail feathers, as well as the leaves growing from the branch are all finely carved and incised. The stone is of pale greyish tone with areas of russet and dark grey specks. 


The present jade is skilfully carved with a natural curve in the crane's neck and finely detailed feathers and stylistic features. The combination of crane and peach represents a wish for longevity.


Acquired from Nagatani, Chicago

Formerly in the collection of Philip Cardeiro

Knapton & Rasti Asian Art, 2009

Formerly in a private Dutch collection


Knapton & Rasti Asian Art, The Property of Mr Philip Cardeiro, 2009, cat. no. 64