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10.8 cm high

The vase is of slender baluster form with a widely flaring foot and a short waisted neck with lipped rim. The shoulder and top of the rim are adorned with an inlaid silver band. The vase stands on a thin foot rim. The wood is of warm tone, the surface with a smooth patina acquired over the centuries.

The shape of the present vase is highly reminiscent of larger porcelain vases which were in fashion during the second half of the seventeenth century. This small wood example was probable made for containing incense tools and would be placed beside a small incense burner. The shape of the vase seems very suitable for this purpose, particularly because of the widely flaring foot which would stop the vase from tipping over.


Formerly with Roger Keverne, London


Roger Keverne, Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics - Summer Exhibition, London, 2006, pl.130

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